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November 2020 : Wood Supply Chain Market Intelligence Report

Supply and Shipping Plywood Demand for lumber in September was up in the ballpark of 10% to 20% from pre-COVID levels. Contributing to this rise is an increase in housing starts and smaller home improvement projects nationwide. At the retail level,...


Using the Supply Chain to Improve Pricing Volatility, Quality and Core Competencies

In our previous article, we introduced the importance of Supply Chain Management and how through effective management, it can drive value throughout an organization and mitigate risk. This time we will explore how we can use effective supply chain...


Supply Chain Management—A Discipline in Reducing Risk

Let’s face it, supply chain is the lifeblood of virtually any business producing a product. Getting a final quality product out the door on time at the right cost structure is, in the simplest of terms, pretty much the entire point. So why are...


How 650 Tons of Asphalt Improved a Wood-Products Company

Opened in 2011, the Robert Weed Corporation’s Twin Falls, Idaho facility was built to better serve key customers located nearby, which it did, by processing approximately 250,000 panels annually. However, there has always been one limiting factor...


Q3 2020 Wood Supply Chain Market Intelligence Report

Economic Recovery While various economic indicators have rebounded in June and July at a greater than expected rate, we expect high unemployment rates and a potential surge of COVID-19 cases in the fall could slow the recovery path in Q4 of 2020....


Q2 2020 Wood Supply Chain Market Intelligence Report

RV Distribution Between May and June, shipment of towable units increased from -29% to +13% YoY while shipment of motorhome units increased from -34% to -10% YoY. Outperformance by towables isn’t surprising given the increase in first-time...