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Meranti Distributors Are Not Created Equal

It’s easy to assume all wholesale distributors are the same. And it’s easy to choose one simply based on product price, especially when buying a commodity. But purchasing based only on price can increase your risk and cost you time and money in the long run. Let’s explore a bit further.


Quality Difference

At Robert Weed Corp (RWC), Meranti (Luan) plywood is a core product offering. And the fact is, many distributors sell Meranti. But there are more differences between distributors than just product price. That’s why shopping on price alone can be a risky business decision.

Due to forest and mill sourcing, Meranti has distinct quality levels. At RWC we source from a vast and actively managed 2MM acre concession. This means our Meranti is coming from 30-40 year old growth, providing higher quality cores and thicker-faced veneers. As a result, you get higher quality product to integrate into your finished product. We even do quality sorting in our facility, so you are assured you get what you need. It’s just one of our difference makers.

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Reduce Risk

In addition to the known risks associated with a lower quality product, there is also risk beyond quality. Did you know there are strict governmental compliance and regulatory statutes in place for imported wood? Purchasing wood, including Meranti, from distributors who don’t strictly adhere to these statutes puts your products at risk, and potentially your entire operation. That’s why at RWC we are diligent about meeting all mandatory requirements and demand the same from every supplier in our entire supply chain. If you can’t trust your distributor to take these measures, then you should be asking yourself ‘where else might they be cutting corners?’ Don’t expose your business to unnecessary risks by choosing a better wholesale distributor.

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Discipline in Supply Chain (DiSC)        

You’ll get pricing and quality from a distributor, sure, but a good distributor partner should be offering you more. They should be working to help you achieve better outcomes. Strong planning, forecasting, and inventory practices can help ease your mind, prevent surprises that affect your own operation, and improve price and demand predictability. The RWC Discipline in Supply Chain initiative is designed with you in mind. We’ll partner with you to build a program that meets your needs and keeps your production running smoothly.

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In the end, what seems like a simple decision to buy a product that appears to be a commodity, really needs greater consideration. Quality, supply chain management, service and risk mitigation are critical decision-making factors.



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