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Robert Weed Partners with Industry Labs at Notre Dame

Robert Weed Corp began its transformation journey in late 2019. We identified opportunities to better partner with our supply chain. We recognized the need to invest in our people so that they can take care of our customers. We acknowledged our partners’ need for transparency and information. Since then, we’ve been on a journey to implement these transformations, and are always striving for ways to fine-tune our journey.


Continuous Improvement Keeps Us One Step Ahead

As part of this ongoing transformation, we continuously evaluate our operations to determine if there is a better way, a more efficient way, to stay One Step Ahead for our customers. Business technology has developed at record speeds, and manufacturing companies don’t often have the bandwidth to adopt new tech. We needed a resource that had competencies and experts in data and tech, but who also understands the manufacturing industry.

The University of Notre Dame’s iNDustry Labs is one of those resources, and the resulting partnership is a key component in our journey. iNDustry Labs, an anchor of the South Bend-Elkhart region’s LIFT Network, supported by a Lilly Endowment grant awarded to Notre Dame, focuses on advancing the regional economy’s manufacturing base. iNDustry Labs provides strategic and technical support for industry partners, connects companies with innovation resources at Notre Dame and beyond, and aims to advance and promote the region’s knowledge base in advanced industry.


Our partnership with iNDustry Labs has been a catalyst for continuous, strategic transformation.

Will Weed, CEO, Robert Weed Corp


“The RV market has not changed much over the years. It’s been 30-40 years of great people running businesses and being successful, but there haven’t been any burning platforms that propelled change,” Will Weed, CEO of Robert Weed Corp said. “In 2018 we had some serious inventory challenges that pushed our organization to think differently, to approach the RV and other markets differently, and to build better processes, systems, tools, and teams. Our partnership with iNDustry Labs has been a catalyst for continuous, strategic transformation.”

The strengths of the iNDustry Labs team and service portfolio allows Robert Weed to access a knowledge base not often found in manufacturing, providing a different perspective and ample opportunities to assess our operations to become the most efficient for our customers. In conjunction with iNDustry Labs, Robert Weed is evaluating its efforts relating to freight logistics, supply chain optimization, and raw materials ordering consolidation, as well as grant applications.


Robert Weed’s commitment to analyzing and optimizing its supply chain is admirable and timely.

John DeSalle, iNDustry Labs


According to iNDustry Labs Executive Engineer-in-Residence, John DeSalle, “Robert Weed’s commitment to analyzing and optimizing its supply chain is admirable and timely. They have been a leading adopter of iNDustry Labs’ services to help companies become more productive, resilient, and skilled. We look forward to continuing to help them realize gains for their business and workforce.”


As we continue our transformation journey, we’re confident that this partnership with iNDustry Labs will result in increased productivity and optimized decision making, as we continue to win together by delighting our customers.



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