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Key Features to Look for in an ATC Toy Hauler for Sale

Looking for the best ATC toy hauler for sale? For a start, remember that most ATC toy haulers are custom-made from the factory. Most customers do not buy them directly from the store.

Besides, an ATC toy hauler for sale may be different from other toy haulers as they are made completely from aluminum – except for the interior walls.

Here are some key features to look out for – along with tips and suggestions for buying the best ATC toy hauler for sale:

Key Features to Consider:

Half-Ton Towable

Most ATC toy haulers for sale are designed to be half-ton towables. However, it’s important to note that when fully loaded with toys, such as motorcycles or cars, a half-ton pickup may struggle on steep hills. If you prioritize towability, consider opting for ATC toy haulers without toys, which are primarily used as travel trailers and can accommodate bicycles.

Additional installations

ATC provides additional installations, including ladders, patios, sofas, cabinets, and roofs. It’s worth noting that adding these features after the initial purchase can significantly increase the cost. However, parts such as air conditioners, solar panels, and air vents not manufactured by ATC can be sourced at a more affordable price through ATC dealers’ suppliers.

Color choice

Is it advisable to purchase a white-colored hauler or a dark-colored one? White-colored haulers stay much cooler in hot temperatures. If you plan to use your hauler in a hot climate, opt for a white-colored trailer.

On the other hand, if you opt for a black or gray-colored hauler, make sure to fit it with at least two air-conditioning units.


As ATC toy haulers are made from aluminum, they tend to heat up quickly under the hot sun. To enable cooling, ATC typically adds foam insulation within the inside walls – or a reflective barrier on some wall portions. Despite that, they can heat up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature is only 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The reason for the heating is the heavy-duty ramp door, which does not add any heat insulation or barrier to the door.  So, when the sun shines brightly on the door, it transmits all the heat into the interior.

For better cooling, opt for a white-colored hauler that is around 20 degrees cooler than black-colored haulers. Besides, the white color also enables the air conditioner to run at cooler temperatures. As a tip, opt for at least 2 air conditioners if you are purchasing a 24-28-foot-long hauler.

Here are additional tips for effective cooling:

  • Add a Maxx air fan on all the vents.
  • Install at least 2 awnings including a power retractable awning and the second one on the opposite side of the trailer.
  • Install ramp door cables to leave your ramp door open and allow cooler air into the trailer.


ATC toy haulers are better suited for cooler temperatures than hot temperatures. A 25,000 BTU furnace can easily heat the entire trailer. On the flip side, this furnace can consume a lot of propane gas and a lot of battery power.

Ensure that you install additional batteries to prevent any shutdowns. This is one of the most prominent characteristics to consider while browsing an ATC toy hauler for sale.


With its base model, ATC does not include any batteries. Ensure that your dealer installs the battery to power the 12-volt system. On its part, ATC only offers 12-volt AGM batteries in group size 24 – with around 80-to-90-amp hours. However, ATC does install a 12-volt system to power the hauler’s lights, fans, awnings, refrigerators, and other electrical parts.

In its base model, ATC provides an automatic cut-off switch that shuts down the 12-volt system whenever the battery charge drops to 12.1 volts. This is done to increase the battery’s lifespan. With a single 12-volt battery, the battery can drain down to 12.1 volts in just two to three hours.

The only solution is to procure additional batteries – or a minimum of two 12-volt batteries. Another recommendation is that your dealer can install two 6-volt batteries (Group size 2 and 450-550 amp hours) that should run for at least one week.

Onan generator

The Onan generator is among the unique features when considering an ATC toy hauler for sale. With a capacity of 5,500 watts, Onan generators are available only on fifth wheels and motorhomes. The generator is mounted on the tongue – thus adding a lot of weight to prevent the trailer from swaying at high speeds.

With the Onan generator, ATC includes a 36-gallon fuel tank – along with the start button for the fuel gauge inside the trailer. The Onan generator can burn around 5 gallons of gas after 10 hours of use. This is equivalent to $15 worth of fuel every day.

Some of the cheaper alternatives to the Onan generators are portable generators from Yamaha, Honda, or Champion.

Solar panels

Most owners have solar panels installed by ATC. However, ATC does not offer a wide range of options for the brand and size of the solar panels. ATC dealers can provide you with better options, including US-made solar panels. They also offer choices in solar charge controllers and batteries.


Before purchasing, there are plenty of features that you must check out, which we have discussed in this blog. You can also check out additional features like water tanks, the four-inch lift, an exterior shower, and cabinets, depending on your available budget.