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Brighten Your Kitchen: Styling Tips for Light Blue Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are among the most distinguished parts of any modern kitchen – and can pretty much “make or break” your kitchen décor. The colors that you add to your kitchen are what complete it. Have you considered light blue cabinets? 

After white, blue is easily the most preferred color used in kitchen cabinets. There are plenty of blue shades that can bring both beauty and serenity to your kitchen space. Light blue kitchen colors can lighten it up and give you an “airier” look. The same is true with the potential for light blue cabinets in your kitchen.

Here are some styling tips for cabinets that can provide a brighter feel.

Light Blue Cabinets  – A Touch of Calmness

The use of light blue color in your kitchen cabinets in many cases can be the right way to lighten up your space. Light blue cabinets not only make your spaces seem more breathable but are also perfect for adding a little contrast. Think of complementing your cabinets with white-colored tiles on your walls. These two colors are simply a great match!

As a matter of fact, it breaks up the pure white pattern – and gives you a minimalizing look.

A Sprinkle of Pastel Colors to Lift the Mood

Pastel colors are a good match with any blue shade and go perfectly with light blue cabinets. You can also try the lighter or darker shades – or pair your pastels with powder (or navy) blue. 

For something new and exciting, try pastel colors on your cabinet shelves or chimneys. Balance the color with blue tiles and cabinets.

A Touch of Gray

Well, you may find the contrast between white and blue colors too high. In that case, opt for a gray color instead of white. Gray and light blue provide a calm and soothing sense, which is perfect for cooking time.

What looks stylish is combining gray-colored cabinets with a range of these colored cabinets. Add a white marble top to complete a defining look.

Subtle Kitchen Look

For a subtle kitchen design, you can also play around with a lot of pale blues. For instance, the light blue kitchen cabinet can complete the look along with a white ceiling, beige-colored floor tiles, some gold-colored accents, and a brass-colored light fixture.

Striking Blue Shade for Highlighting

This color does not need to completely define your kitchen cabinet. If it’s occupying a lot of space, break up the long run of blue units with a striking shade of a different blue. Pick a more dominant shade, like all-navy that does not overwhelm the kitchen space.

Maintain a cohesive design with the same material across all cabinets – and a finish that complements the colors. Add bar stools with the same metal finish as the door handles and fixtures, as just one possibility.

Pairing Complementary Colors

Nothing looks more appealing than complementing the light blue color with matching colors like orange and brown. For a subtler color shade, choose this color along with orange undertones for an enhanced design. 

Contrasts must be visually appealing and decorative. Darker orange shades can impart a more dominant look, depending on your preference and style.

Teal and Stone Tones – For Greater Impact

Looking to balance the strong blue-gray shades of your kitchen cabinet? Teal and stone tone, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry creates a great impact, a striking combination! With pale stone-gray tones and a marble worktop, you can break up the color for enhanced style.

The different tones in the wall tiles and the working surface add a natural feel to the kitchen décor, which is not possible with a plain and solid color.

Textured Tiles

Blue-colored wall tiles with textured patterns balance a kitchen space with other blue furnishings. Textured and patterned tiles are an easy way to add texture and color to interiors without looking too overpowering to our senses. 

A blue-colored splashback also complements a white working surface or lime-washed cabinet. Overall, this color combination creates a heartwarming feel in the kitchen.

Marble for Added Style

Nothing looks better with a light blue cabinet than some marble furnishings in the kitchen working place – or across the base cabinet. Before you add the touch of marble, make sure which color you want to incorporate. Some of the best choices are white, black, or gray. Alternatively, you can go for a mix of these three colors.

Marble countertops also impart a grounded look to your kitchen décor.

Kitchen Lighting

Finally, you can complete your kitchen design with the right amount of lighting it requires. Before that, consider the amount of natural light. Opt for lights with different shades of blue, ranging from sky blue to bold navy.

Lighter blue makes your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. If you go for darker shades, ensure you have enough natural and artificial light to prevent the space from looking too cramped.


To summarize, you can style your light blue cabinets with so many different options based on your tastes and preferences. Here, we have compiled several ways to style your kitchen cabinets – but there are always more options.

For the best result, speak to a professional interior decorator or a trusted cabinet distributor about how to add depth and style to your kitchen’s interior. They will provide you with the most innovative, up to date tips and tricks.