The warranty obligations of Robert Weed Corporation for manufactured products are limited to the terms set forth below:


What is Covered

Seller warrants to Buyer that for a period of one year starting on the date of delivery to Buyer, Seller’s products will be free of manufacturing defects and will conform to Seller’s published specifications. The manufacturer must be notified about the claim before the coverage period expires for consideration. The manufacturer agrees, at its option and analysis during the warranty period to cover charges for the defective material or replacement up to and including the price of original product.

Reimbursement, repair, or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction. Proof of claim must include Customer information, dates of production and purchase, service notes on original dated claim statement. Robert Weed Corporation requires pictures of defect, location of the defective material in the unit, pictures of counter parts, and additional information upon request to be sent to our Warranty Group ( through email to process the claim. The claims that are unaddressed for over 30 days from the reported date may be manually approved if the initial claim includes all the details required for processing and confirms the receipt.


What is Not Covered

Claims that are reported after the Seller’s warranty period of one year from date of delivery to the buyer will not be covered by Robert Weed.

Additional features and defects that will not be covered under the warranty period because of the nature of the products, processes, and applications include but are not limited to:

  • Film delamination, deformation, or cracking – Delamination and deformation occur due to excessivetemperatures than recommended for usage, or additional climatic and storage conditions. Wood is a natural product and will inherently expand and contract. Defects caused from effects of humidity, temperature, UV, dark graphics surrounding products, and moisture in the field is outside of Robert Weed’s
  • Damage due to accident, vandalism, and natural disasters.
  • Design, installation, or construction deficiencies of any kind of nature – These are not product failures but arecaused by customers’
  • Physical damage – These are not product failures but are caused by handling or
  • Rodents, vermin, and pests – Infestation due to rodents, vermin, and pests, including but not limited to, powderpost beetles can occur at any point after products leave the Seller’s
  • Improper maintenance or failure to maintain products, use of incompatible materials, tools, or equipment, orimproper storage, handling, or shipment are not covered.
  • Warping – Natural products will inherently warp. Humidity and moisture in the field is outside of Robert Weed’s
  • Water damage – Products deform and break down when exposed to water. Introduction of water is outside ofRobert Weed’s control. The effects include but are not limited to mold or mildew.
  • Other defects caused by abnormal conditions of use and exterior causes identified by the analysis from RobertWeed’s Warranty

Seller may inspect Buyer’s property and processes in connection with Buyer’s storing of goods.


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