Using the Supply Chain to Improve Pricing Volatility, Quality and Core Competencies

Supply Chain Management. A Discipline in Reducing Risk

Q3 2020 Wood Supply Chain Market Intelligence Report

Helping you work smarter

At Robert Weed we not only provide you with high-quality, innovative products, but we also strive to offer you better ways of operating through process and efficiency improvements, throughout the value chain, including:

  • Discipline in Supply Chain (DiSC)
    including supply chain management and support
  • Forecasting Guidance
  • Cycle Counting
  • Product Development/Engineering
  • Lean activities including value stream mapping


November 2020 : Wood Supply Chain Market Intelligence Report

Supply and Shipping Plywood Demand for lumber in September was up in the ballpark of 10% to 20% from pre-COVID levels. Contributing to this rise is...

Using the Supply Chain to Improve Pricing Volatility, Quality and Core Competencies

In our previous article, we introduced the importance of Supply Chain Management and how through effective management, it can drive value throughout...

Supply Chain Management—A Discipline in Reducing Risk

Let’s face it, supply chain is the lifeblood of virtually any business producing a product. Getting a final quality product out the door on time at...


helping industries like yours stay one step ahead

With locations in Indiana and Idaho, we concentrate on supplying to manufacturing industries who demand a relationship with a partner that understands the industry, where it’s going, and how to stay a step ahead.

  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinet
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Furniture and Seating
  • Contract Housing
  • Contract Furniture
  • Marine and Boat
  • Custom Countertop
  • Cargo & Horse Trailer
  • Store Fixtures
  • Architectural Design
  • Office Equipment
  • Hospitality
  • Casket and Funeral
  • Healthcare
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Building Products
  • Transit and Bus
  • Art and Craft
  • Truck Body
  • Wood Product Value-added Distributor Support
  • And many other industries

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