Beyond RVs: How Robert Weed Builds Strong Partnerships Across Industries


If you see a recreational vehicle on the road, chances are it features products from Robert Weed.

Since 1966, we’ve been supplying companies—many of which are a part of the RV industry—with high-quality wood products and composite materials.

And while we may be best known for our work in the RV industry, we supply our products to a wide range of industries, from hospitality to health care, and create partnerships with anyone seeking the services we provide. That’s because we pride ourselves not just on the diverse capabilities of our products, but on our commitment to staying one step ahead for our clients, no matter the industry. Our latest partnership drives this commitment home.

Meet COASSON, a new Indiana-based company blazing its own innovative path in the funeral business. Inspired by the caissons used to carry fallen military personnel or heads of state, COASSON manufactures wheeled vehicles that attach to everything from a pickup truck to a Tesla Model S, and then transport caskets and urns to their final resting places. They seek to blend, in their words, “the heritage of the caisson with the luxury of a coach,” and in doing so provide “a dignified and cost-effective vehicle solution for conveyance and display.”



This pioneering business model connects perfectly with Robert Weed’s forward-thinking approach, something President Will Weed echoes. “COASSON fits into our brand strategy of One Step Ahead,” he states. Steve McQueen, VP of Sales, agrees. “They are bringing new and innovative ideas to the funeral services market and we are pleased to partner with them.”

The new partnership, which will include wood products integral to COASSON’s offerings, is an ideal fit for COASSON as well.


“We look for partners who are innovative, responsive, and proactive. Robert Weed has demonstrated those capabilities to us.”

– Chad Newcomer, COASSON’s VP of Operations


How do we demonstrate these capabilities to each of our clients? By analyzing our products and finding partners that will benefit not only from the critical components we’ve manufactured for them but also from our focus on expanding their reach in the marketplace through leading-edge methods.

By working collaboratively with our partners and dedicating ourselves to staying one step ahead, we help our diverse array of clients, including COASSON, do the same as they build their brands, strengthen their reputations, and offer high-quality products to their customers.


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